Who Should Attend?

Can you relate to any of these Chic Geeks? Maybe you’re a little of this and a little of that – a design student, a gentleman programmer, or even a mom who wants to start a business… the point is, you don’t need to be a techie to qualify but if you are curious, brave, and want to support others when it comes to technology and entrepreneurship, Geeky Summit is right for you.

And remember, we welcome ALL genders and encourage the participation of diverse identities traditionally underrepresented in technology.

November 16 - 17, 2018
*NEW* Calgary public library
800 3rd St SE

Woman taking a picture of graphic recording with her cell phone at Geeky Summit in Calgary

The Creative

Maybe you’re a graphic designer, web UX guru, illustrator, or traditional artist. Whether you’re a freelancer or in-house creative, you’re determined not to become obsolete in this ever-changing landscape of digital media and social communication modes. Stay atop of tech trends and meet more of your kind.

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Women talking at Geeky Summit in Calgary

The Business Owner

You own or are involved in the running of a business and see technology as a competitive advantage. Whether you want to meet other entrepreneurs and business-savvy women, or technically talented people who can do it for you, you want to be actively involved and grow your business.

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Women programming at Geeky Summit in Calgary

The Programmer

Hunting down code bugs, getting ideas to work, and discovering new technologies gets you out of bed in the morning. Because the programming industry is disproportionately male-dominated, you want to see more women getting into computer science to offer fresh perspectives, and in turn, drive innovation.

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Gentlemen Geek at Geeky Summit

The Gentlemen Geek

That’s right! Chic Geek isn’t just for women – we encourage ANYONE who supports diversity in tech and entrepreneurship to attend our events! Change starts with understanding potential and you are an advocate of building, supporting, and sharing resources to promote growth and diversity in industry.

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Women talking with cell phones at Geeky Summit in Calgary

The Learner

You’re a student - of school or life - and excited about what lies ahead. Whether you’re starting a new journey, or almost at the finish line, you want to surround yourself with people who can support your success. This is your time to be a sponge and you’re going to make the most of it!

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Geeky Summit is proudly organized by Chic Geek, a welcoming, supportive, beginner-friendly community for women in technology and entrepreneurship. Chic Geek exists because we want to see more women as makers, builders and creators, leveraging technology to change the world. When we started 4-years ago, there weren't enough supports for women who were interested in exploring technology and entrepreneurship, so we launched 3 programs to help build digital literacy and connect our members:


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