Chic Geek exists to create a welcoming, supportive community where tech-enabled women advance their careers. Let's work together to make everyone feel welcome. In a nutshell, be respectful, inclusive and aware of your words and reactions. Be kind about what you say to others and work hard not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Gentlemen geeks and all gender identities are welcome at Chic Geek!

chic geek Membership Expectations

Members (“members” includes volunteers, sponsors, partner organizations, board members, and event attendees) of the Chic Geek (“CG”) community agree to uphold the code of conduct while participating in community activities including: events, meetings, social gatherings, seminars and other Chic Geek endorsed projects.

Members are considered ambassadors of CG and the Calgary ecosystem and are expected to conduct themselves in the highest regard and in a manner that will bring credit to the community.

Failure to comply to the aforementioned will be reviewable by the CG Board of Directors and/or Code of Conduct Committee and may result in suspension or expulsion of CG activities and/or membership.

Code of Conduct

CG members are expected to:

  • Conduct themselves with honesty and integrity

  • Be courteous, encouraging and welcoming to all community members

  • Demonstrate consideration and respect for individuals

  • Adhere to all applicable policies and regulations of the CG community

  • Not violate any local, provincial, federal or other applicable laws

Verbal, physical or other behaviour (including cyber-activities) constituting bullying, harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.

Reporting Guide

If you have to report an incident related to the CG Code of Conduct, contact a member of the CG Code of Conduct Committee immediately. Committee members include:

Alisha Virk, Chair:
Kylie Woods, Executive Director: