Opening Remarks


Taking the Stage

with Amara Hunt, The Humphrey Group

Session Style: Keynote Session
Duration: 90 Minutes

Brought to you by Clio

Based on the ground-breaking program by the Humphrey Group, Taking the Stage® keynote session will introduce fundamental communication habits that help women develop the confidence and courage to be seen and heard as leaders. Attendees can expect to learn how to adopt a Taking the Stage mindset, script themselves with clarity and intention, unlock the power of their voice, and achieve a confident and authentic presence.  

For those  who love this introductory content, they will have the opportunity to enroll in the full two-day training program at a significant discount.


Inclusive Design:
From Code to Customer

with Andrew Wright, Brightside by ATB

Session Style: Lightning Talk
Duration: 20 Minutes

It's time to shake it up. Step out of our routines, expose our biases, and see the breadth of perspectives that surround us. In this lightning talk, we'll define what Inclusive Design is (and what it isn't) and share how embracing the full range of human diversity can reveal hidden potential in your digital products and services. We'll cover some real-life examples of how Brightside and others have made progress integrating inclusive behaviours and practices into code, design, and culture.


Morning Break

Body Break Teaser with Lucy Dunne (5 minutes)


Cybersecurity in Our City

with Elena Dumitrascu , TerraHub Technologies & Tim McCreight, the City of Calgary

Session Style: Workshop
Duration: 80 Minutes

We live in a connected world where the boundaries between us and devices gets blurred every day. How do we use this connected world to our advantage, while also being smart about our personal information security? Join a team of experts in cybersecurity and emerging technologies to learn how to design for cybersecurity and high performance while tapping into all the benefits a connected world has to offer.

What you’ll learn: 

  • What is a Smart City and how do we ensure that Calgary is ready for the challenges of tomorrow?

  • How to perform a cyber audit in your own company (this is an interactive session)

  • How to design and architect for the future using 5G Networks, IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Is this the best workshop for you? 

If you’re technically driven and curious about how to build software while being cognizant of information security, this is for you. A cybersecurity background isn't required to  attend this workshop.  

*A laptop is required to attend this workshop.

Mind the Gap:
How to Effectively Manage a Career Hiatus

with Nicole Tsui, Connect Learning

Session Style: Workshop
Duration: 80 Minutes

Getting a new job is stressful. Getting a new job after a career break is even more stressful! As millennial women, we want to do it all; Raise a family, take a gap year to travel, go back to school. Gaps in one’s career have become commonplace in today's day and age. In this workshop we’ll tackle how to effectively use the hiatus in your career to your advantage while re-entering the workforce. 

What you’ll learn and discus: 

  • Understand what employers are looking for

  • Learn how to address the gap in your resume and interview

  • Gain tips to build your confidence when re-entering the workforce 

  • Discuss strategies to improve your chance of being hired or re-hired

Is this the best workshop for you?

If you are returning from a hiatus or plan to take one in the near future, this workshop is for you.




Chat A-Bot It : Build your own ChatBot

with Tigist Beshe, Bow Valley College

Session Style: Workshop
Duration: 80 Minutes

Brought to you by Bow Valley College

An extensive hands-on workshop that explores artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The workshop features an easy-to-follow walkthrough with a case study.  

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn the basics of cloud computing services and artificial intelligence tools

  • Create and manage your own IBM BlueMix account

  • Gain experience working with the BlueMix cloud dashboard

  • Explore different AI tools in the cloud

  • Understand how to create a fully-functional chatbot

  • Learn the fundamentals of a chatbot design pattern

  • Create a chatbot and use it

  • Able to create or customize the chatbot to suit your own business need

Is this the best workshop for you?

If you’re curious about AI, a STEAM learner and technically driven, this workshop is for you. Only basic computer skills are required. 

*A laptop is required to attend this workshop.

Don’t Box Me In

with Jake Stika, Next Gen Men

Session Style: Workshop
Duration: 80 Minutes

Brought to you by Avanti Software 

In this workshop, we’ll explore how gender norms and stereotypes persist within and outside the workplace, and reflect on individual and societal ideas of masculinity and femininity.  We’ll apply these concepts in to a broader conversation about how they contribute to or impede, diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace and society. 

Is this the best workshop for you? 

If you mentor,  hire, organize, manage or communicate with people within an organization, this workshop is for you. 

Ideal for current and future leaders who want to help shape diverse and inclusive company culture.


Networking Break


Body Break

with Lucy Dunne, Dunnebells


Rowboat In A Hurricane:
Dealing with Change and Unexpected Setbacks.

With Julie Angus

Session Style: Keynote
Duration: 60 mins

Brought to you by Alberta Enterprise

Imagine surviving a hurricane with nothing more than a rowboat to shelter you. When Julie set off on a quest to become the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland this was not what she anticipated. But Julie soon realized that to succeed she’d not only need to deal with adversity and uncertainly, but embrace it and use it as an opportunity to grow and prosper. Julie shares techniques to deal with changing environments including altering our perception, preparing for the unexpected, assessing risks, and improving communication.


Closing Remarks


Connector Cocktail

Brought to you by Shareworks by Morgan Stanley